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Mental Health Grief Affirmation Bundle: Personalized Angel's Embrace Remembrance Planner & Affirmation Pillow


Embark on a journey of healing and self-care with our uniquely crafted Mental Health Grief Affirmation Bundle. This compassionate collection is designed to tenderly support those navigating the complexities of grief, offering a blend of spiritual comfort, mental health awareness, and a touch of personalized care.

1. Personalized Angel's Embrace Remembrance Planner: This beautifully designed planner is more than just a tool for organizing thoughts; it's a sanctuary for your heart and mind. Tailored to resonate with your personal journey, it includes:

  • Mental Health Focus: Pages dedicated to self-care and gratitude, encouraging a mindful approach to each day.
  • Letter to Heaven Journal Pages: A serene space to pen down thoughts, memories, or messages to your angel.
  • Scriptures and Affirmations: Handpicked comforting scriptures and affirmations that provide solace and strength.
  • Grief Tips and Quotes: Insightful tips and quotes to guide you through grief, each page artistically adorned with photos of your angel.
  • Prayers Pages: A sacred space for prayers, blessed with the character of your angel, offering a sense of closeness and comfort.

2. Personalized Affirmation Pillow: Crafted with care, this dual-sided pillow serves as a tangible source of comfort:

  • Child Loss Affirmations Side: Offers words of love, hope, and strength specifically for those grieving the loss of a child.
  • Self-Care Tips Side: Gentle reminders and tips for self-care, crucial in the healing process.

The Perfect Combination: Together, the Remembrance Planner and the Affirmation Pillow form the perfect companions for those dealing with loss. They not only aid in navigating the emotional tides of grief but also emphasize the importance of mental health and personal well-being.

Who is it for? This bundle is ideal for individuals seeking a meaningful way to honor their lost loved ones while nurturing their mental and spiritual health. It's a thoughtful gift for friends or family members in mourning, providing them with a source of comfort and guidance.

In your journey through grief, let this bundle be a gentle reminder that you are not alone. Your angel is always embracing you with love and support.


Upon completion of your purchase, we will email you for further instructions. Thank you for trusting us with your angel. 

Mental Health Grief Affirmation Bundle: Personalized Angel's Embrace Remembrance

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